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Through our business activities, we contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Safety initiatives and disaster countermeasures

When large-scale natural disasters occur, the OYO Group will promptly establish a system to secure continuation of its business and conduct support and recovery activities for the damaged areas, recognizing this as its social mission. Depending on the disaster scale, the OYO Group will set up local a disaster countermeasure headquarters and/or a disaster countermeasure headquarters at the head office to address the situation. Outside of times of disaster, meanwhile, the OYO Group conducts internal training based on its BCP.

Basic policy
■ Place the utmost priority on securing safety of the employees and their families as well as related persons of cooperating companies, etc.
■ Promptly recover its business operation system and make company-wide efforts to work for the safety and recovery of damaged areas in response to the requests from central and local governments.
■ Prepare an emergency business continuity manual and conduct training for putting it into practice, while continuously improving its content.

Certified as an Organization Contributing to National Resilience (Resilience certification)

We have obtained “Business Continuity and Social Contribution” certification of organizations contributing to national resilience (Resilience Certification) based on the “Guideline for the Certification of Organizations Contributing to National Resilience” published by National Resilience Promotion Office of the Cabinet Secretariat.
Aimed at promoting wide-ranging resilience across society by promoting proactive endeavors for business continuity (BC) at companies, schools, hospitals and other various organizations, the Resilience Certification certifies operators proactively working on BC as an “organization contributing to national resilience.” While OYO Corporation was granted Resilience Certification in December 2016, on this occasion, our business continuity was reevaluated, and we were also certified as “adept” upon being newly examined on social contribution (a system of evaluating and certifying societal contribution activates after large-scale natural disasters, etc.). Ever since the 1964 Niigata Earthquake, we have dispatched our own disaster research teams for major natural disasters both within Japan and overseas, and have shared the knowledge we have obtained online, etc. Moreover, we have also published annual “Recommendations for Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation,” and conducted public awareness campaigns related to disaster prevention and mitigation. These efforts were evaluated as contribution to society.

Supporting GeoHazards International (GHI)

GeoHazards International (GHI) is a nonprofit organization that helps the world’s most vulnerable communities prepare for earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, heavy rain, and strong winds with the aim of freeing people from preventable death and suffering from natural disasters. OYO Corporation has supported the activities and mission of GHI since the establishment of the organization in 1991. GHI has conducted disaster risk education, earthquake-resistance safety improvements of school buildings, and program support to raise disaster response measures of regional governments in over 20 countries.

Working towards earthquake-resistant buildings in developing nations

Similar to Japan, Myanmar is a country that experiences many earthquakes, and has repeatedly suffered damage from large earthquakes in the past. With support from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, OYO International Corporation, which is a domestic subsidiary, and Engineering & Risk Services Corporation, which is an affiliate company, along with various experts from Japan, hosted a seminar for local engineers and administrative personnel that focused on seismic diagnosis of buildings and methods to improve the earthquake resistance of buildings.

Annual issuance of a brochure “Recommendations for Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation”

We issue “Recommendations for Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation” each year and publicize it for free on our website so that local communities can use it for their natural disaster prevention, mitigation activities, and disaster prevention training. The brochure explains the phenomena that foreshadow disasters and hidden dangers to the general public, and it has been used on many occasions for business continuity activities of corporations and natural disaster prevention training of regional communities, etc.

Promotion of work-style reform linked to the introduction of the Division System

With the implementation of the Division System, OYO Corporation is promoting its unique work-style reform.
Although the quality and efficiency of our services were different in each region under the Branch System, with the Division System, the same level of quality and efficiency of our products and services can be provided countrywide. With this, we anticipate shortened working hours and increased productivity. As for working conditions, by changing from the Branch System to the Division System, personnel transfers with relocations have been decreased, and the burden on employees and their families have been mitigated. With the introduction of ICT, streamlining tools, telecommuting system, and satellite offices, we hope to further improve working environments and productivity.

Securing Human Resources

OYO Corporation has also received national certification for its initiatives to improve work environments and to promote work-life balance. In addition to being certified as an “Eruboshi” company in the certification system of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare under the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Women’s Active Participation Act in Japan), we have also acquired “Platinum Kurumin,” rewarded in recognition of the company’s efforts to support employees’ childrearing, based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.