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Year Corporate Activities History in Photographs
1957 Founded OYO Geological Survey Office (2 May) “Creating Geological Engineering”
1963 Established Urawa Laboratory
Certified as a construction contractor
1974 Held the 1st OYO Fair
1977 Licensed & registered as a Measurement Certification Business (Noise Level)
Licensed as a Geological Survey Firm
“Enhancement & Conversion”
1980 Licensed & registered as a 1st Class Qualified Architect Office
1983 Established OYO Corporation U.S.A
1985 Changed a trade name to “OYO Corporation” “Leap Ahead”
1986 Acquired Tohoku Boring Co., Ltd.
1988 Listed to Japan Security Dealers Association as a over-the-counter company
Established Nankyu Geo Technics Corporation
1991 Moved up to the 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
1992 Completion of Core-Labo Testing Center in Omiya-shi, Saitama
Acquired NS Environmental Science Consultant Corp.
1995 Move up to the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
1996 Capital increase of 2 million stocks through publice offering
Established Ocean Engineering Corp.
Established OYO Seismic Instrumentation Corp.
1997 Started operation of the groupware (OYONET)
Acquired KOEI Consultant Co., Ltd.
Acquired Geometrics, Inc.
Established OYO International Corp.
(Currently under construction. Sorry!)
1998 Established Engineering & Risk Services Corp.
Established OYO RMS Corp.
Established OYO Biological Engineering Laboratory in Miharu-machi, Fukushima
Gained ISO9001 Certification in Instrumentation Business Center (JQA-2772)
1999 Opned Tsukuba Technical Development Center
2000 Implemented Executive Officer System
2001 Gained ISO9001 Certification in whole company except a part of headquarters (BCJ-QS-0258)
2002 Transferred ISO Quality Management System to version 2000
2003 Gained ISO14001 Certification in whole company except a part of headquarters (BCJ-EMS-0072)
Registered as a designated firm in Soil Pollution Countermeasures Act by the Ministry of the Environment
Reorganized OYO International Corp.
Established OYO Geo Technical Service Corp.
Renewed Management Policy & Management Vision
Enact OYO Corporation Code of Conduct
2004 Established Compliance Office
2005 Established Instrument Business Division
Established Geotechnical Center in the regional office of Tokyo and Osaka
Enacted Security Policy for Individual Information
2006 Deployed Geotechnical Center nationwide
Acquired KCS Co., Ltd.
Company split of OYO RMS Corp.
Enacted OYO Compliance Manual
2007 Established Group Management Headquarters
50th anniversary of OYO’s founding
2008 Established Database Business Promotion Office & International Project Office
2009 Enacted the long term management vision for OYO Group (OYO2020)
2010 Reorganaized Database Business Promotion Office to Database Business Division
Enacted a mid-term management plan (OYO Hop10)
Established OYO Corporation, Pacific
2011 Established Malaysia Representative Office
2012 Opened a endowed course in Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University
Established Tianjin Smart Sensor Technologies Co., Ltd. as a joint venture for manufacturing and selling landslide monitoring equipment
2013 Transferred a head office to the current location (Kanda-Mitoshiro-cho)
Enacted “Information Security Policy”
2014 Enacted a mid-term management plan (OYO Step14)
Enacted a Guiding Principle for CSR
Established Global Environment Business Division
Established Social System Business Division
2015 Established Infrastructure Maintenance Business Division
2016 Established Sabo Business Division
2017 60th anniversary


OYO Corporate Profile

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