Human Resources Development Policy

OYO Group Human Resources Development Policy

Based on our belief that "people (employees) are assets, and that the growth of people leads to the growth of our company", the OYO Group considers career development based on each employee's individuality, strengths, aptitude, etc., and supports autonomous career development by employees. Furthermore, we will respect the diversity of our employees (diversity & inclusion), recognize diverse work styles, and promote the construction of personnel systems and the development of education and training systems which enable employees to work with a sense of purpose.

  • 1.Human resources development as a team

    The team (organization) is responsible for developing human resources and supporting the growth of employees. Each team steadily conducts OJT and Off-JT in the workplace and provides opportunities for employees to demonstrate their acquired skills and abilities. Furthermore, we will prepare organizational structure and systems so that each employee can gain a sense of accomplishment and experience growth while performing their duties.

  • 2.Support for capacity development and skill improvement of individual employees

    We support employees to independently develop their abilities and improve their skills. We will promote the development of education and training systems, including skill maps, and create opportunities for education and training according to employee roles and work performed. Moreover, in order to respond to the desire of employees to learn, we will prepare and update programs for voluntary learning.
    In response to rapid changes in the social environment, we will improve the educational environment so that employees can constantly brush up their learning and increase their own value.

  • 3.Implementation of appropriate assessment and support for career development of employees

    We will construct a personnel system for appropriately evaluating employees based on their roles and achievements, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, or background (mid-career hires, etc.).
    Through measures such as appropriate evaluation / feedback and a self-assessment system, we will consider career development based on the individuality, strengths, and aptitudes of each employee, and support employees in their autonomous career development.

  • 4.Improvement of systems, etc., while confirming effectiveness

    We will confirm and evaluate the effectiveness of the personnel system and education / training system supporting the Policy. We will then flexibly improve and operate these systems while considering factors such as social conditions and management strategies.

Date of Establishment: June 1, 2021