Human Resource Development

Human Resource Management

We have established "The OYO Group's Human Resource Development Policy" as the fundamental approach to human resource management where career development is based on each employee's individuality, strengths, and aptitudes, encouraging autonomous career development, respecting diversity, and providing personnel systems with apt education and training in order to create a fulfilling work environment.

OYO Group's Human Resources Development Policy

  • 1) Human Resources Development by the Organization
  • 2) Support for Employee's Independent Ability Development / Skill Enhancement
  • 3) Fair Evaluations and Support for Employee's Autonomous Career Development
  • 4) Improvement of HR Systems Based on Effectiveness Verification and Evaluation

Enhancement of Education and Training

Our company conducts career training, theme-based training, and specialized training to empower employees and enable them to excel in their respective roles.
Career training covers fundamental areas essential to our business, such as ESG, management, diversity & inclusion. We also offer theme-based training, such as "Internal Trainer Education" to nurture internal trainers and "Project Management Training" to enhance project management skills within the organization.

Furthermore, we provide specialized training to pass on the knowledge and techniques that we have acquired over time. Each office branch makes its own Skill Map and offers specialized training and workshops based on these skill maps to enhance the professional capabilities of our employees.

Employee Training System

Employee Training System

A Modern Human Resources System

In 2021, we established the "Review Committee for the New Human Resources System" to discuss suitable HR systems for the future.
The new HR system, organized by each department, aims to assess the contributions and suitable work styles for their employees so that each experience job satisfaction and growth. We promote active communication and collaboration between leaders and their team members so that everyone is able to achieve their goals effectively.

Key Points of the New HR System

  • Evaluation of organizational achievements and role fulfillment
  • Recognition of "collaborative work" and fostering awareness of organizational achievements
  • Multi-track HR system (clarification of roles for managers and specialists)
  • Promotion of communication and PDCA through one-on-one interviews

Initiative Examples

Dedicated Instructor System

As part of our employee-education-by-teams method, we have introduced a Dedicated Instructor System for new employees. This system involves a team comprising of "new employees", a "dedicated instructor" who is responsible for both basic and specialized training and an "education implementation manager" from the assigned department. Together, they collaborate to create a "Training and Education Plan" to develop well-rounded personnel. We also monitor the progress of this system using checklists and promote best practices horizontally throughout the organization to enhance the quality of new employee education.

Dedicated Instructor System

*Includes personnel who have been delegated authority by Department Heads

Executive Training

The OYO Group provides opportunities for employees to learn fundamental management concepts, contributing to the development of future leaders.
In 2022, we conducted a total of five programs, each consisting of pre-assigned tasks, executive lectures (delivered by the President, Deputy President and Directors in rotation), lectures on fundamental management principles and group discussions led by participants. We will continue these training programs to cultivate future leaders for our Group.

2022 Executive Training Program

Topics of the lectures given by our Executives

  • 1) To the next generation of management
  • 2) Sustainability
  • 3) Financial challenges and responses of the OYO Group
  • 4) The mindset of a Senior Official
  • 5) OYO Advance 2023, our future and the creation of value

Knowledge Transfer Initiatives

Our company operates eight business units in the fields of "infrastructure, maintenance, management, and renovation," "natural disaster prevention and mitigation," "environment," and "natural resource and energy," each one catering to their clients' needs.
The core technologies that form the basis of these businesses, such as geology, disaster prevention, the environment, civil engineering design, and telecommunications, are assets shared by the entire Group that have been continually cultivated ever since our founding. To ensure the transfer and development of this expertise beyond the boundaries of business divisions, we have implemented a "Specialized Field Team System" as part of our efforts to actively involve and teach our younger personnel.
There are ten specialized field teams in total, each conducting on-the-job training (OJT) and hosting technical presentations specific to their field to continually strengthen their technical skills.

Knowledge Transfer Initiatives

An example of on-site training

Knowledge Transfer Initiatives