Respect for Human Rights

OYO Group's Human Rights Policy

Aligned with our corporate philosophy, management vision, and the OYO Group's Code of Conduct and Standards of Corporate Behavior, our Group has established the "OYO Group's Human Rights Policy". We acknowledge that all activities of all Group companies may have a direct or indirect impact on human rights and are committed to respecting the human rights of all individuals involved in our Group's business activities.

Human Rights Policy

Promotion System

Based on OYO Group's Human Rights Policy, the President and Representative Director have been designated as the person in charge of implementation, and the Corporate Planning Headquarters to serve as the administrative office responsible for the promotion of human rights.


In adherence to the OYO Group's Human Rights Policy, we will continue to provide fundamental employee education on respecting human rights, conduct due diligence, address risks and remediation when negative impacts are identified, engage in dialogues and consultations regarding human rights with stakeholders, and disclose information related to human rights through our website and other means.

Specified in the Corporate Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct explicitly states respect for human rights as a behavioral standard. Each behavioral standard is regularly reviewed and confirmed within each team.

Employee Training

  • We conduct e-learning for all employees on topics such as human rights and harassment.
  • We provide in-house training by internal trainers on subjects like "Human Rights Harassment", "Diversity & Inclusion" and "Mental Health and Developmental Disorders."

Note: We have established an internal trainer system where individuals in each of the business offices are designated as educational facilitators.

The Establishment of Reporting Desks and Consultation Channels

  • Our Group has implemented an internal reporting system* to ensure the early detection and prevention of actions that may compromise the corporate values of our Group. We have established internal reporting channels, external reporting channels through legal professionals, and harassment consultation channels.

*The internal reporting system is available for anyone involved in the activities of our corporate Group, including employees, contract workers, and those working with our Group, and we actively encourage its use from a governance perspective. Anonymous reporting is also possible, and measures have been put in place to ensure that reporters do not face adverse treatment. We regularly report on the operation of the system and issues to the audit committee.

Human Rights Due Diligence

  • We identify the negative impacts and risks related to human rights after conducting surveys/ questionnaires within the Group, and then proceed with specific initiatives to mitigate these risks.