Work Style Reform

Our thoughts on Work Style Reform

We continuously strive for work style reforms based on the belief that creating an environment where diverse values and backgrounds are respected, and where each person can work comfortably not only maximizes individual capabilities but also increases job satisfaction and productivity. We have also actively introduced digital technology and leveraged efforts in Digital Transformation (DX) to streamline operations and foster the creation of innovative work styles.


Promotion of Work Style Reforms- Work-Life Integration

The promotion of the reforms is led by the "Work Style Revolution Committee," which comprises members selected from various departments within the company. Over the years, this committee has implemented various initiatives.

In 2022, we introduced "casual meetings" to enhance cross-organizational communication and further encouraged remote work as part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP). We have also proposed the concept of Work-Life Integration, where work and personal life are considered comprehensively, with one benefiting from the other. In 2023, we are exploring new initiatives, including trial workcations.
We will continue to work towards creating a workplace that is both fulfilling and accommodating, ultimately aiming to enhance our societal value.

Key initiatives that came from recommendations by the "Work Style Reform Executive Committee"

  • Introduction of Remote Work
  • 45 Initiatives Implemented from Recommendations
  • Introduction of Wireless LAN throughout the Group
  • Adoption of Wearable Cameras
  • Implementation of e-Learning Systems
  • Implementation of Online Meeting Systems
  • Education regarding Time Management
  • Elimination of Internal Document Stamping
  • Provision of Laptop Computers to All Employees
  • Provision of Smartphones to All Employees
  • Promoted Utilization of IT Communication Tools
  • Promotion of Work-Life Balance, including Childcare and Nursing Care
  • Implementation of Hot Desking
  • Introduction of Casual Meetings (Encouraging Cross-Organizational Communication)
  • Trial Implementation of Remote Work as part of Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Advancement of Work-Life Integration

Employee Engagement Initiatives

In July 2020, we introduced "Wevox," an engagement analysis tool provided by Atrae Co., Ltd., to visualize our organizational challenges. We measure employee engagement every month and work to improve it. In addition, we encourage employees to participate in the fee-based "Engagement Run!" academy provided by Wevox to acquire practical insights into improving engagement, which approximately 70 employees have attended.
Starting from September 2022, we have selected Engagement Activity Promotion Committee members who are responsible for promoting engagement activities within their respective departments while collaborating closely with their superiors to drive engagement initiatives.
Successful engagement activities are presented in our internal newsletters, and particularly outstanding initiatives are recognized and awarded by the company's President. We will continue to involve management in these efforts.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Employees participating in "Engagement Run!"