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To Shareholders

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your support to OYO Corporation.

Nowadays, we are facing unprecedented speed of changes. Societies and economies are becoming more and more globalized and industrial structures are changing drastically along with meteoric advance of information technologies. Current technical advancements, so called “the fourth industrial revolution”, are transforming not only socio-economic environment but also our values and lifestyles. On the other hand, expansion of the world economy and rapid increase of the world population are generating negative impacts to the world, such as, depletion of natural resources and increasing threads to biodiversity at a global scale. Moreover, climate change associated with global warming is provoking various natural disasters around the world. In such rapidly changing environment where new values are created and new problems are appearing every day to make the world even more complicated, OYO Group endeavors to provide safety and security, which are unchanged values to mankind, and to evolve itself drastically to deal with such rapid and drastic changes: OYO is going beyond past successes and will explore new successes.

The last mid-term management plan “OYO Step14” was a big challenge in which OYO aggressively pursued the new success. Even though the financial results did not accomplish all commitment we made for investors through the management plan, we did achieve many changes that we believe we needed for making sustainable growth in the future. One example of the changes is seen in the ways we package our product: we changed our development policy from “product-oriented” to “market-oriented” for making our legacy services and products easier to understand for broader non-expert customers. You can see the best practice of the change in one of our US subsidiary, GSSI that is leading the group in the evolution.

From fiscal year 2018, we started a new mid-term management plan “OYO Jump18”. The management plan aims to accelerate and advance the changes we achieved in “OYO Step14” for allowing ourselves to jump up to next success. It will not be an easy challenge but it can be possible.
I would like to ask all the shareholders and investors for the continuous support over the years to come.

Masaru Narita

Representative Directer and President


Investor Relations

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