ESG Information

Endeavor for ESG

Under appropriate decision-making as an organization, we shall abide by laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we conduct business activities, respect the spirit of the laws and regulations as well as human rights, cultures, customs and history and earnestly conduct business activities bearing ethical value and good sense and with consideration paid to the global environment. In doing so, we shall continue to be a company valued by society. We shall conduct business management that takes all stakeholders into consideration, through internal and external communications in a transparent and fair manner.


We will contribute to the preservation of the global environment by reducing the environmental impact of our business activities, by pursuing original and superior technologies, and by providing products and services to our customers.

Social contributions

We will utilize our expertise in the field of geoscience to build and maintain good relationships with local communities and support the creation of a safe and secure society. We also encourage employees to contribute to society.

Corporate governance

We will provide products and services through fair business transactions and maintain good faith and fair relationships with government agencies and business partners.