Services & Solutions

We provide surveying, consulting and other technical services / solutions to solve social and environmental issues.

Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Renovation

From inspection and diagnosis of civil engineering structures to geological and geotechnical risk consulting and BIM/CIM, the OYO Group provides technical services/solutions that support the development of resilient and smart cities.

Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Our technical services / solutions create safety and security for society by forecasting damage caused by natural disasters, investigating and analyzing the causes, and proposing and designing disaster prevention measures in advance.


These are technical services / solutions for the realization of a sustainable society in harmony with nature, including resource recycling, biodiversity conservation, ground environment restoration, and green infrastructure construction.

Natural Resources and Energy

Technical services / solutions to support sustainable use of resources and energy, including disaster prevention measures for energy infrastructure, promotion of renewable energy, and conservation and development of water resources.