Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Protecting local communities from the threat of natural disasters

Flooding and landslides - brought by tropical cyclones or heavy rains and exacerbated by climate change and other factors - seem to grow more severe each year.
Earthquakes are another threat, especially in Japan, where seismic activity has been increasing. Yet challenges to local disaster prevention and mitigation have also emerged, including labor shortages from lower birthrates and aging populations, revenue shortfalls, and an increasing number of vulnerable people. The OYO Group utilizes state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, IoT, and 3D geotechnical modeling to provide solutions for these challenges to protect people's lives from the growing threats posed by natural disasters.

Key Services:

  • Supporting national and municipal disaster prevention planning
    prediction of damage for disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires
  • Surveyance for natural disaster risks, loss prediction, and consulting for mitigation strategies
  • Development, installation, and the updating of monitoring systems

Key Clients:

  • National and local government agencies
  • National research institutions (such as the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster -Resilience and the United States Geological Survey)
  • Private companies (manufacturers, real estate companies, financial institutions, etc.)

Our strengths in this segment

Japan's largest earthquake disaster prevention division with the most number of staff and a strong track record

  • The only private company capable of conducting extensive seismic motion calculations and tsunami analyses using supercomputers.
  • A leading provider of seismic damage estimation surveys for prefectures in Japan.
  • A track record of conducting numerous seismic damage estimation surveys overseas (Turkey, India, etc.).
  • The expertise gained from seismic damage estimation surveys is also used for fire spread prediction in the field of firefighting.
Our strengths in this segment

Extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the field of landslides and river disasters:

  • Years of experience working with national / local governments / private companies
  • Combining specialized knowledge in the investigation of causes and countermeasures with the latest AI, IoT, and 3D geotechnical modeling technologies to develop various disaster prevention DX solutions.
Our strengths in this segment

In-house development capabilities for ground surface monitoring equipment:

  • An in-house department dedicated to the development and manufacturing of measuring equipment. The ability to develop various sensors and monitoring technologies necessary for monitoring and investigating the causes of flood and landslide disasters
Our strengths in this segment

Owns the top market share manufacturer for seismometers and earthquake observation systems within the Group

Our strengths in this segment


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