Diversity & Inclusion

Our thoughts on Diversity & Inclusion

Our Group believes that diversity is the source of innovation - and that accepting diverse human resources and leveraging the individuality of each employee in our business activities is essential to increasing our corporate value. We are continuously promoting various initiatives related to Diversity & Inclusion based on this belief.

The promotion of women in the workplace.

The active participation of women in the workplace is seen as a critical long-term business priority for sustainable development, and to address this, we have intensified our efforts to strengthen gender-neutral recruitment practices and enhance the training programs for female leadership development to create a workplace that is conducive to the growth of women's careers.

Stressing the importance of diversity in both recruitment and the creation of the work environment

We are committed to conducting recruitment practices that do not discriminate based on gender, nationality, or disability status. We are actively working towards creating a work environment where employees with diverse backgrounds can excel in various fields and positions. Additionally, we are also working to promote mid-career hires into managerial positions.

Recruitment activities

From the perspective of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), we have been increasing the number of female hires over the years (see the graph on the right). Over the past six years, the average ratio of female hires among new graduates has been 31%. Alongside this, as part of our ongoing recruitment efforts, we will continue to hire those who are mid-career, foreign nationals, and individuals with disabilities.

(unit:number of hires)

New Graduate Hires Mid Career Hires Foreign Nationals Individuals with disabilities
2017 34 8 0 0
2018 45 5 2 0
2019 39 7 1 1
2020 31 21 1 0
2021 55 9 2 1
2022 38 6* 2 1
2023 51 - 3 0

*From January to the End of April 2022

Changes in the number of new graduate hires by gender and the ratio of women

Changes in the number of new graduate hires by gender and the ratio of women

Ratio of female staff

Approximately 23% of employees in our Group as a whole are female, with a ratio of 7.2% in managerial positions (43 out of 598 managers). Looking at our company alone, however, the ratio of females in managerial positions is at 7%, which is much lower than the 40% ratio of males, with the proportion of female managers within our entire management team being 5%. This, as you can see from the diagram, is mainly due to the fact that there are fewer women in the older age group, most commonly for managerial positions.
Given this current situation, our Group is continuously working towards increasing the active recruitment of female employees, supporting their career advancement through various HR system reforms and educational training programs, and improving the overall workplace so that it is conducive to the growth of women's careers.

  • Gender ratio of Employees (Group)

    Gender ratio of Employees (Group)
  • Gender ratio of Employees in Managerial positions (Group)

    Gender ratio of Employees in Managerial positions (Group)
Ratio of female staff

External evaluation

"Eruboshi" Certification (2nd stage)

We have received certification for the second stage of the "Eruboshi" certification based on the "Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace" (Women's Act) as a result of our efforts in reforming the working hours, the active recruitment of women and initiatives for their continuous employment. We will continue to strive for higher achievements in this field by focusing on increasing the number of female managers, creating a comfortable and harassment-free work environment, and promoting gender-neutral evaluations and promotions.

'Eruboshi' Certification (2nd stage)

Platinum Kurumin Certification

Our company has been certified as a "General Business Operator Meeting the Standards" under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Next-Generation Child-Raising set out by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and we have obtained the "Next-Generation Certification Mark" (commonly known as "Kurumin"). We have also received a special certification called "Platinum Kurumin" as a company that carries out a high-level of initiatives. We are actively working to create a workplace environment and systems that allow employees to thrive, balancing both work and childcare, as well as promoting planned use of annual paid leave and encouraging male employees to utilize childcare leave.

Changes in the number of employees taking childcare leave

Changes in the number of employees taking childcare leave

*If employees take leave the year after childbirth, the number exceeds 100%

Platinum Kurumin Certification

Education and Training Programs

Our company conducts various educational training programs including career support training for female employees as one of the most important initiatives in promoting Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

D&I related Education and Training

Accomplishments for the fiscal year 2022

Diversity & Inclusion   Participants / Total number of employees
Month   Target audience Number of participants
May e-Learning: The definition of human rights and related issues All Employees 533
June Seminar: Women's Health All Employees 94
July Management Training: D&I Candidates for Managerial Positions 12
September Internal Coach Training: D&I Managers 19
Administrative Training Administrative Staff for OYO
Administrative Staff for the domestic OYO Group
October Operations Management Training   18
November Internal Coach Training: Developmental Disorders Managers 19
Engineers IPD (Initial Professional Development): D&I 1st / 2nd year Engineers 37

Future Initiatives

D&I is one of the most critical management issues for the sustained growth of our Group, and we will continue to implement D&I related initiatives such as the enhancement of educational training, the creation of a comfortable workplace for everyone to work in, and by reviewing our career systems.

Examples of D&I Initiatives:

  • Active recruitment of women (fair and equal recruitment / promotion regardless of gender)
  • Creating a harassment-free workplace
  • Establishing and operating a career system that allows career advancement based on aptitude, unaffected by transfers or childcare leave
  • Promoting gender-neutral evaluations and promotions through various codes of conduct (Code of Conduct / Corporate Standards of Behavior, Standards for Managers, etc.) in conjunction with the above career system based on diversity as a fundamental value
  • Conducting training for career development support