Safety Policy

OYO Group Safety Policy

  1. The OYO Group positions employee safety as the basis of business activities. In an effort to completely reduce occupational accidents, we give top priority to safety when conducting business activities.
  2. We comply with related laws and regulations, internal regulations, etc., actively conduct workplace safety activities, and cultivate safety awareness through employee education.
  3. We set confirmation of the actual place, actual thing, and actual situation as the basic principle of safety activities. We proactively utilize DX to perform mutual safety confirmation and improvement by related parties. We also work together with business partners to prevent occupational disasters and accidents. Furthermore, we value communication among employees and between employees and customers, business partners, and local residents, and strive to constantly improve effectiveness for mutual understanding.
  4. We implement preliminary risk assessment for our business activities in an effort to reduce and eliminate risk. Furthermore, at work sites, we reliably implement various safety activities and safety patrols, such as KY activities (hazard prediction activities).
  5. In addition to promoting the use of public transportation, we will work to prevent traffic accidents by considering improvement measures based on both data analysis of mileage and uneven speed while driving and the driving characteristics of employees.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Sub-Sea Ground Investigation Business for Offshore Wind Power Generation

Energy Business Division is preparing to acquire ISO45001, an international standard that specifies requirements for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, to expand our offshore wind farm business.

Our business operations are guided by the following Occupational Health and Safety Policy for Energy Business Division's Offshore Wind Power Generation Support Business.