A Message from the Sustainability Management Committee Chairman

Through the pursuit of materiality under our sustainability Management system we will further advance the integration of sustainability into our business activities to address societal and environmental challenges.

A Message from the Sustainability Management Committee Chairman

In recent years, the global situation has undergone significant changes, including climate change, the intensification of natural disasters, the spread and prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating regional conflicts, and global economic turmoil. In addition to this, we have seen severe human rights issues such as the persecution of ethnic minorities, immigration issues, racial discrimination, human trafficking, long working hours, also environmental pollution on a global scale with the plastics in the oceans, biodiversity crises, and food and energy shortages due to conflicts all of which have a direct impact on corporate management.

In light of these circumstances, for the OYO Group to continually exist and achieve sustainable growth, we must actively expand our business activities to solve societal and environmental challenges while remaining sensitive to changes in the social environment surrounding its management. To achieve this, we must listen earnestly to the voices of its stakeholders and fulfill our corporate responsibilities to society with a strong emphasis on its efforts in sustainability.

Under our corporate philosophy of 'Striving for Harmony between People and Nature, Supporting Safety and Security with Technology, and Contributing to Society through the Development of our business,' our Group operates four businesses: 'Infrastructure, Maintenance, Management, and Renovation,' 'Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation,' 'Environment,' and 'Natural Resources and Energy.' As you can tell from the names of these divisions, these four businesses are dedicated to providing solutions for societal and environmental challenges. Expanding and growing each one of them is not only in line with our fundamental philosophy but also contributes directly to the sustainability of society.

In line with this philosophy, our current medium-term management plan 'OYO Advance 2023' places ESG management and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core in its aims to maximize 'Social Value,' 'Environmental Value,' and 'Customer Value.'

To drive forward our sustainability initiatives, we established the Sustainability Management Committee in January 2022, where I have been appointed as the Chairman. This committee will take the lead in formulating and implementing policies and measures for the Group's sustainability efforts, such as addressing climate change.

Recent initiatives include expressing our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in 2019 and subsequently considering and disclosing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change in the fiscal year 2021. In parallel to this, we calculated and disclosed the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our individual business activities. Currently, we are conducting a scenario analysis in line with TCFD recommendations to disclose the financial impact of climate change-related risks. We are also proceeding the calculation of GHG emissions for the entire group.

For our group, which aims to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society through its business activities, the most critical management challenge is the investment in 'people,' our most valuable asset. In 2021, we publicly disclosed 'The OYO Group's Human Rights Policy,' 'The OYO Group's Human Resource Development Policy,' and 'The OYO Group's Manifesto on Health Management.' to accelerate our efforts in this field. We firmly believe that creating an environment where employees can work with a high degree of motivation and be both physically and mentally fulfilled will enhance the creativity and productivity of our group's business activities and will ultimately lead to a more sustainable society.

Going forward, we will clearly define and disclose sustainability goals and KPIs and work steadily toward their achievement.

We would like to thank our stakeholders for their continued understanding and support.

Representative Director & President
the Sustainability Management Committee Chairman

Hirofumi Amano