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Organization Chart

Download the Organization Chart

PDF Organization Chart – as of 1 April- 2018(PDF:20KB)

List of Organizations

Head Office The Office of the President
Skills Development Office
IT Innovation Planning Office
Compliance Office
Group Management Headquarters
International Group Management Headquarters
Business Promotion Headquarters
Administration Headquarters Administration Department
Accounting Department
IT Department
Human Resource Planning Department
Production Management Headquarters
Engineering Headquarters
Divisions Instruments & Solutions Division
Energy Business Division
Social System Business Division
Global Environment Business Division OYO Bionomical Engineering Institute
Infrastructure Maintenance Business Division
Sabo Business Division
Regional and Global Aqua Engineering Business Division
Regional Offices Tohoku Regional Office Aomori Branch
Morioka Branch
Akita Branch
Yamagata Branch
Fukushima Branch
Tokyo Regional Office Hokkaido Branch
Tokyo Branch
Yokohama Branch
Ibaraki Branch
Nagano Branch
Niigata Branch
Hokuriku Branch
Chiba Sales Office
Joetsu Sales Office
Toyama Sales Office
Chubu Regional Office Shizuoka Branch
Gifu Sales Office
Mie Sales Office
Kansai Regional Office Keiji Branch
Kobe Branch
Okayama Branch
Hiroshima Branch
Yamaguchi Branch
Fukui Sales Office
Wakayama Sales Office
Tottori Sales Office
Shikoku Regional Office Tokushima Branch
Kochi Branch
 Takamatsu Sales Office
Kyushu Regional Office Oita Branch
Nagasaki Branch
Kumamoto Branch
Miyazaki Branch
Kagoshima Branch
Okinawa Sales Office


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