Basic Concept and Management System

Our thoughts on Sustainability

The OYO Group operates under our management philosophy of 'Engineer a harmony between human society and the natural environment, sustain safety and security of society from an engineering approach and achieve social contributions through development of the Company's business.'

Our Group conducts business in 4 segments ('Infrastructure, Maintenance, Management, and Renovation,' 'Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation,' 'Environment,' and 'Natural Resource and Energy') which are all deeply connected to sustainability, and we contribute to it daily by providing solutions to our clients while simultaneously increasing corporate value.

The corporate code of conduct, 'PRIDE,' states that 'We prepare for the unknown challenges of the future by embracing science, advancing safe, sustainable, and environmentally conscious technologies, while maintaining the utmost integrity,' and every employee in our Group is urged to put this into practice.

In accordance with our group's mid-term management plan, 'OYO Advance 2023', we will actively promote Sustainable management (ESG management) and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs while aiming to maximize three values through our core business activities: social value, environmental value, and customer value. Furthermore, we will work further to integrate sustainability into our operations and work towards resolving societal challenges.

Medium-Term Business Plan

The Framework for Promoting Sustainability

The Framework for Promoting Sustainability
  • The Sustainability Management Committee deliberates on policies and strategies related to our Group's efforts toward sustainability, including initiatives for addressing climate change (including TCFD compliance). The committee also discusses risk management related to ESG management and reports to the Board of Directors more than twice a year.
  • The Board of Directors regularly receives updates on significant matters discussed by the Sustainability Management Committee and oversees the issues related to sustainability.

Sustainability Management Committee

Committee Chairman

Chief Sustainability Officer (Head of Corporate Planning Headquarters)

Committee Member

12 people including General managers and the Division managers

Key Roles
  • Deliberation of policies and strategies related to our Group's efforts towards sustainability, including initiatives to address climate change (including TCFD compliance).
  • Examining risk management related to ESG management
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors at least twice a year

The Sustainability Management Committee

Key Roles
  • The making of proposals, promotions, and disclosure of information related to Sustainability
  • Interdepartmental coordination for the monitoring metrics, data gathering and data organization.
  • Group sharing of best practices of SDG initiatives, and ensuring their continuity.
  • Increasing employee awareness of SDGs, and conducting relevant education and training