Basic Philosophy

Our Group considers compliance to be essential in our business operations, identifying it as a materiality, and our Corporate Code of Conduct and Corporate Behavior Standards both explicitly state "Compliance with Laws and Regulations." The Compliance Office, responsible for promoting compliance throughout the entire Group, utilizes tools such as the Compliance Handbook and the monthly Compliance Magazine to raise awareness of the legal requirements and regulations, and to foster a culture of compliance among our employees. Additionally, we have established an internal reporting system to ensure the early detection, prevention, and appropriate response to activities that may compromise our group's corporate values, such as violations of laws and regulations or harassment.

The Compliance System

Our company has established a compliance committee to promote compliance management under the supervision of the representative director and president, who serves as the highest authority responsible for compliance within our organization, overseeing the development and implementation of our compliance system. The compliance committee comprises members appointed by the President, including the heads of each department, and is responsible for confirming the results of investigations into group-wide compliance violations and the status of corrective measures implemented by the Compliance Office.


Our company, under the direct jurisdiction of the President, has a Compliance Office tasked with ensuring that awareness is high throughout the Group. They use tools like the Compliance Handbook, the monthly Compliance Magazines, e-learning programs, and lectures and conduct regular training and education through these.


Antitrust Compliance

We have established an Antitrust Compliance Committee to strengthen our efforts in preventing things such as collusion. We have also created explanatory manuals regarding antitrust laws and conduct training sessions and e-learning programs related to antitrust laws and regulations.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Measures

Our Corporate Code of Conduct and Corporate Behavior Standards stipulate compliance with laws and social norms, and the Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Policy states the prohibition of bribery and anti-corruption in order to maintain fair relationships with government agencies and business partners. We also conduct e-learning programs and departmental study sessions to maintain and improve awareness regarding fair transactions.

Internal Reporting System

Our Group has implemented an internal reporting (whistleblowing) system. In addition to this, we have also established external reporting channels through legal professionals and a harassment consultation desk. The internal reporting system is open to anyone involved in our Group's business activities, including employees, temporary staff, and the employees of affiliated companies. It allows for anonymous reporting, and we ensure that reporters do not face adverse treatment. We regularly report on the operation status and the issues raised through this system to our Audit Committee.

Internal Reporting System

Strengthening Education and Training

Corporate misconduct has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, and it is often attributed in part to the inability of corporate organizational culture to adapt to rapid changes in the social environment. To address this, our Group is diligently enforcing new internal policies and rules in line with the evolving social landscape while also strengthening our education and training efforts to both mitigate compliance-related risks effectively and to promote a shift in business models and work culture that aligns with conscious change.

Accomplishments in Compliance Education and Training

Accomplishments for the fiscal year 2022

Compliance related training   Participants / Total number of employees
Month Target audience Number of participants
January e-learning: Engineer's code of ethics All Employees 197
March e-learning: Prevention of Collusive Bidding Law Awareness test All Employees 1,346
April e-learning: Compliance check test All Employees 1,348
Training for new employees New employee training 37
Labor management New managers 14
May e-learning: Article 36 (of employment law) and working hours management All Employees 1,355
July Compliance Lectures (Group companies) Domestic Group companies: 11 companies 11 companies in total
Internal trainer: The basics of harassment
Internal Trainer: Harassment examples and the creation of a comfortable workplace
Internal Trainer: The structure of harassment
Internal Trainers (management level) 19
August Intellectual Property Study Group All Employees 278
October e-learning: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act All Employees 933
Compliance lectures (departments subject to internal audit) All Employees All Employees
November e-learning: Researcher's code of ethics Public funded researchers 617

Code of Conduct / Corporate standards of behavior

Our Group's corporate philosophy is to "engineer a harmony between human society and the natural environment, sustain safety and security of society from an engineering approach and achieve social contributions through development of the Company's business." Based on this philosophy, we have established corporate codes of conduct and corporate standards of behavior that our Group employees are expected to adhere to in all aspects of our operations.