Deepen core technology based on market strategy (1) —BIM / CIM, 3D geological analysis technology—

Expansion of BIM / CIM market

The construction field has been faced with various inefficiencies in the past, such as labor shortages, long working hours, and accidents during construction.
BIM / CIM (BIM) reduces inefficiencies and risks of accidents by sharing, linking, and developing 3D models at each stage of survey/design, construction, maintenance, and management in construction projects.
Related efforts and markets are currently expanding rapidly around the world through innovations aiming to advance the overall construction system and improve productivity. However, there are still many issues which must be solved before such efforts can be spread.
One such issue is problems related to the ground.
Although BIM / CIM is progressing above the ground (e.g., buildings and infrastructure structures), there is currently a delay in technology for creating accurate 3D models below the ground because it is a world that normally cannot be seen.
Moreover, there are many cases in which the ground causes inefficiencies such as accidents and rework during construction.
Therefore, in order to address these issues, OYO Corporation has been working to develop 3D geotechnical analysis technology by utilizing our specialized knowledge of geology and geotechnics, and the Group's ability to develop measurement instruments.

3D geotechnical analysis technology

3D geotechnical analysis technology visualizes the inside of the ground in 3D. OYO Corporation is working on the following two initiatives.

  • 1.Development of technology to measure structure inside the ground in three dimensions (3D geophysical exploration technology)
  • 2.Development of technology for constructing 3D models from measured ground information

For more information on these technologies, please refer to the following pages.

OYO Corporation's initiatives for BIM / CIM

OYO Corporation developed these technologies ahead of the market. Furthermore, we are currently an industry leader in the BIM / CIM field.

We are also working to standardize technology not only in Japan but also in the global market.

In 2018, OYO Corporation became a member of "building Smart International (bSI)," which is an international BIM standardization organization. As a project steering member of the infrastructure subcommittee of bSI, we participated in the formulation of standards for exchanging model data for geology and ground (IFC: Industry Foundation Classes).
As a result, IFC4.3 (a standard covering roads, ports, railways, etc., and including soil and ground models with relatively simple structures) is expected to be internationally standardized (ISO) in 2023. Moreover, a model for ground with a complex structure such as bedrock will be studied in the IFC-Tunnel Project. The model is scheduled to be implemented in software as IFC4.4 from 2023.

3D geological analysis technology


Possibility of market creation in fields other than construction

3D geotechnical analysis technology visualizes the unseen world inside the ground in an easy-to-understand manner. This technology has the potential to expand the utility value of ground in fields other than construction and create new markets.