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Point Load Tester

The Point Load Tester is a uniaxial compression testing instrument designed for reading out pressure when a specimen is broken, and it consists mainly of a main unit, a pressure gauge and a hydraulic pump.

It is very easy to carry the system and make measurements at a site because of its compact and lightweight design.

Also, it takes only a short time to carry out a test, and all the works can be done easily by one person.

Point Load Tester


  • Pressure can be easily read out by its bourdon tube pressure gauges
  • Two bourdon tube pressure gauges (5MPa and 70MPa) are attached as standard
  • Size of a specimen can be measured by checking a scale when it is placed in the unit


Maximum load 45kN
Maximum specimen size φ80mm
Jack Stroke : Max. 25mm
Piston cross-sectional area : 640 sq mm
Discharge pessure : Max. 70MPa
Pressure gauge 5MPa (for low pressure)
70MPa (for high pressure)
Hydraulic pump Maximum pressure : 70MPa
Tank oil volume : 330 cu cm
Operating temperature -10 to +50˚C
Dimension (H) 360 x (W) 180 x (D) 145mm
Weight Main unit : approx. 16kg (including a case)
Hydraulic pump : approx. 9.5kg (including a case, pressure gauges. etc.)


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