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The McSEIS-SW is a 24ch seismic survey instrument and designed for high-accuracy "surface wave survey" and "refraction seismic survey". It can be used for a wide variety of applications. Through the analysis of its data, the 2D S-wave velocity structure of the ground can be obtained easily. Also, the N-value structure of the ground can be estimated by using data of Swedish sounding test, standard penetration test and so on.

Our special programs make it possible to carry out works ranging from measurement to data analysis effectively on site. In addition, a commercial laptop PC is used as a control unit, so this system is always available with a latest PC.

McSEIS-SW 1109


  • Compact, lightweight and low-power consumption design
  • Splash-proof case
  • Its control software can be used on a commercial laptop computer (Windows : Ethernet is required)
  • Special programs, SeisImager / SW & SeisImager / 2D, are available for the analysis of its data


Numbers of channels 24ch (fixed)
Input impedance 20KΩ, 0.02μF
Gain 24dB or 36dB
Frequency band 1.75Hz to 8KHz
A / D resolution 24bit
Sampling rates 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0msec
Data length 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, and 16384 words
Pre-trigger 256 words
Trigger delay 0 to 9,999msec
Data format SEG2
Destination to data save Storage device in control PC (such as hard disk drive)
Data transfer -Ethernet (ECat5 or above)
Power DC12V (external battery)
Consumption current 15W or above
Operation temperature -30 to +70˚C
Main unit chassis Splash-proof structure
Dimension (W) 254 × (D) 305 × (H) 177mm
Weight approx. 3.8kg


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