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The McSIES-MT NEO is a data acquisition instrument for microtremor array measurement and vibration monitoring. It is an all-in-one device in which high-performance accelerometer containing 1 component or 3 components, a precise global positioning system (GPS) and a battery are incorporated. It can be used for microtremor measurement for obtaining the natural frequency, vibration property of the ground, and vibration property of a structural object.

Microtremor array survey can be performed by assembling a triangular array using 4 or 7 units. The precise GPS in each instrument makes it possible to synchronize all recordings easily. In addition, software ''SeisImager / MT NEO'' is available for analyzing phase velocity to produce the 1D S-wave velocity structure of the ground. Optional wireless LAN communication function is also available.



  • The all-in-one structure enables measurements without a cable
  • Operational menu is simply displayed on its LCD screen
  • Data can be easily transferred from its SD memory card to a PC
  • Temporal synchronous measurements between multiple devices, the correction of a clock in the device, and the acquisition of positional information are enabled by its GPS
  • A special program, SeisImager / MT NEO, is available for the analysis of its data
  • With an optional wireless communication module, various settings of devices and confirmation of data is possible via wireless communications.



Dimensions (W)220 x (D)245 x (H)250mm (protrusion is excluded)
Weight approximately 7.5kg (Main unit : 5kg, Internal battery : 2.5kg)


Operating temperature -20 to +55˚C
Storage temperature -30 to +60˚C
Humidity 5 - 90% (non-condensing)
Case Water-proof construction (equivalent to IP43)

Sensor (Servo-Accelerometer)

Resolution 1μG
Sensitivity 2.0V / G
Range + / -4G


Input channels 1ch or 3ch (1ch : Vertical, 3ch : Vertical & Horizontal)
Sampling time 2, 4, 10, 20, and 50ms (low pass filter, fc = 206Hz)
Input impedance 1MΩ
Frequency band 0.1 - 200Hz
Dynamic range 120dB
A / D converter 32bits (S / N ratio on 127dB 500sps)
Recoding Mode Manual, Auto, Timer
Data Format Binary format
Recording media SD memory card (FAT16) 2GB
SDHC memory card (FAT32) 4GB, 8GB, 16GB


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