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McSEIS-AT (3ch)

Compact and light-weight data logger of Passive wave survey for 3ch (horizontal and vertical)

McSEIS-AT is an epoch-making microtremor exploration system that can measure S-wave velocity structures in three dimensions.

Its light weight of 1.6 kg and wireless capability make on-site measurements faster and more efficient.

You can check the operating status of the GPS, network and battery with the LED light on the side of the main unit. The power ON / OFF can also be switched by reversing the instrument several times.

The captured data can be downloaded to PC via Wi-Fi and analyzed with the dedicated software "SeisImager".

McSEIS-AT (3ch)


  • Internal power supply eliminates the need for external power sources
  • Dust-proof and water-proof functions equivalent to IP68
  • Approx. 10 days continuous data acquisition is available with 8GB internal memory. (4 ms sampling data)
  • Time synchronization via GPS without cable
  • Captured data can be downloaded to PC via Wi-Fi.
  • No hammer hitting nor weight hitting is required


Channel 3 channels (Horizontal and Vertical)
Resolution 24 bit
Pre-amp Gain (PG) 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 dB
Sampling Rate 4 and 10 mS
Bandwidth (-3 dB typ) 0.2 Hz to 100 Hz @ 4 mS, 0.08 Hz to 40 Hz @ 10 mS
Dynamic Range 129 dB @ 4 mS, 12 dB (typ)
Distortion < 0.001 % @ 25 Hz, 4 mS (typ)
CMRR > 90 dB @ 60 Hz
Maximum Input ±2.4 V @ 0 dB, ±0.6 V @ 12 dB, ±0.15 V @ 24 dB
Noise Level 0.70 mVrms @ 4 mS 12 dB, 0.12 mVrms @ 4 mS 36 dB
Input Impedance 20KΩ
Internal Memory 8GB (Expandable Up To 32GB)
Data Uploading Available for data uploading with Wi-Fi
Geophone Operation Check When the geophone is vibrated, the LED light of the main unit lights up.
Connector Input Connectors for Geophone (19 pin), Charging, USB (8 pin)
Power Internal Battery (9AH Nickel Hydrogen Battery)
Charging 9 to 14 hours
Environmental status Equivalent to IP67
Dimensions (W)140 x (H)102 x (D)142mm
Weight 1.6kg
Operating Temperature -20 to +55˚C
Software Automatic Analysis of Recorded Data via Wi-Fi (Using "SeisImager" software)


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