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Elast Logger-3i & Elastmeter Digital Sonde

Elast Logger-3i is an advanced digital pressuremeter capable of testing wide range ground from soft rock to hard rock in combination with Elastmeter Digital Sonde.

A series of operations can be performed from data recording of pressure and displacement to plotting of results. Mechanical information such as Young's modulus can also be obtained quickly with Panasonic Tablet.

A thermal printer is available as an extra-cost option, and it enables users to print out obtained data at a site.


    • By converting the measured value into a digital signal inside the digital Sonde and transmitting it to Elast Logger-3i, the signal transmission stability is improved.
    • User-friendly operating system by Panasonic Tablet controller.
    • High brightness color LCD allows clear visibility even under direct sunshine.
    • From the measurement of pressure to the displacement, easy and understandable displacement curves are available.
    • By connecting "Digital Converting box for Elastmeter HQ Sonde", Elast Logger-3i is available to connect Elastmeter HQ Sonde (Model-4180) and Control cable for Elastmeter Digital Sonde.


Elast Logger-3i (Model-4302)

OS Windows 10 Professional 64bit
Display 10.1inch TFT color LCD 1920 x 1200 pixel
Pressure and displacement to be displayed in digital values and stress-strain curve
Storage Device SSD 128GB (Interface: USB2.0 x 1 port)
Measurement Parameters Pressure, displacement, and elapsed time
Data Storage SSD 128GB
Operating Temperature -5 to +45˚C
Dimensions (W)420 x (H)175 x (D)335 mm
Weight 8kg

Elastmeter Digital Sonde (Model-4301)

Deformation Detection Method Caliper arm method (to measure the inside diameter of rubber packer tube)
Max. Pressurization 20MPa (depends on a borehole and geological condition)

Control Cable (for Elastmeter Digital Sonde)

Outer Sheath Polyurethane (Black Colored)
Outside Diameter 5mm (4-cored)
Length 100m (Standard)

Accessories and Options

  • High Pressure Hand Pump (Model-4185)
  • High-pressure Tubing (Model-4153)
  • Calibration Pipe
  • Packer Tube (Soft, Hard)
  • Thermal Printer
  • Battery Pack
  • Step-down Transformer
  • Digital Converting Box for Elastmeter HQ Sonde

Applicable borehole and pressure

Elastmeter Digital Sonde

Rubber Packer Tube Diameter of Borehole Pressure Limit (Hard Packer) Pressure Limit (Soft Packer)
60mm (BX) Up to 70mm 20MPa 5MPa
Up to 76mm 8MPa 4MPa
Up to 80mm 3MPa 1.5MPa
70mm (NX) Up to 80mm 20MPa 5MPa
Up to 85mm 8MPa 4MPa
Up to 90mm 3MPa 1.5MPa


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