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Digital Q-Tilt 6000 Probe & Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt

Digital Q-Tilt 6000 system consists of the probe "Digital Q-Tilt 6000 (Model-4480)" to measure inclination and handy logger "Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt (Model-4470)" to read / storage the monitoring data. These instruments are for manual monitoring using dedicated casing of inclinometer that has a ditch (one or two direction) attached to alumite / PVC pipe.

Digital Q-Tilt 6000 is a measuring probe with high accuracy digital output type, and inclination from vertical is measured. Incline-sensor applies variable displacement sensor to enhance measurement accuracy and stability. Crashworthiness of the prove is improved and 6,000 G resistance is available.

Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt is a data logger to retrieve the monitoring data. The data is stored in a memory card (SD card) as text data (CSV format) that is easy to use for spreadsheet and graphical processing. Splash-proof body is applied for on-site use.

User can use this system for landslide monitoring to observe its displacement, deformation monitoring of civil works such as fill / earth retailing, and so on.

Digital Q-Tilt 6000 Probe & Handy Logger Digital Q-Tilt



  • Resistance of 6,000G is realized and the effects on reducing failures such as misalignment of the zero point are obtained.
  • The probe improves temperature characteristics and it leads to shorten time of temperature stabilization.

Handy logger

  • Handy logger digital Q-tilt is designed as water resistance.
  • Numerical of the monitoring data and graph is displayed on the handy logger.
  • Marketed 4 pieces of D cell batteries are used, hence it is easy to get them and maintain.
  • The data is CSV format, hence user can easily use it for compilation / analysis.



Measurement range ±30 degree
Measurement solution 10 seconds and smaller
Repeatability ±2mm / 10m
Measurement direction Orthogonal 2 axis
Maximum measurement depth 150m
Linearity 0.05% FS
Operation temperature range 0 to +50˚C
Wheel space 50cm
Crashworthiness 6,000G
Material SUS304
Applicable casing φ47mm alumite casing, φ70 and φ80mm PVC casing
Size φ30 × L669mm (width including wheels: 88mm)
Weight 1.7kg (probe only)

Handy logger

Display Monochrome graphics LCD with back light
External memory SD card
Interface USB for connection between USB and RS232C
Power source D cell battery × 4 (4V to 7V)
Operation temperature range 0 to +50˚C (non-condensing)
Size H230 × W165 × D92mm
Weight approx.1.2kg (without batteries)
*eneloop D cell battery × 4 : approx.0.4kg


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