Business Portfolio

Basic Policies

  1. Aligned with our corporate philosophy and vision, the OYO Group positions its business within four main segments that can contribute to the sustainable development of both Japan and the international communities: "Infrastructure, Maintenance, Management, and Renovation," "Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation," "Environment," and "Natural Resources and Energy." We strive to advance our business activities through close collaboration between the various business divisions and group companies within the OYO Group.
  2. The OYO Group, in pursuit of sustained growth and the advancement of medium- to long-term corporate value, evaluates each business division and group company based on capital profitability and growth potential, as well as their strategic roles and future growth strategies within the group. We regularly review the management of our group's business portfolio during board meetings while taking these factors into consideration.

Reviewing the Business Portfolio

We regularly conduct discussions at the board meetings to review the capital profitability, growth potential, and strategic positioning of each business division and group company within the OYO Group from the strategic perspective for future growth. Based on these discussions, we have made the following changes to the business portfolio.

The sale of Group companies

  1. Sold U.S. Group subsidiary NCS SubSea, Inc., engaged in oceanographic geotechnical surveys and seabed resource exploration (June 2022) [Reasons / Objectives] To accelerate the transition into the decarbonized market for the resources and energy business

The acquisition of Group companies

  1. Acquired Geosmart International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, engaged in infrastructure monitoring, geotechnical surveys, and ground improvement (October 2022) [Reasons / Objectives] To offer a one-stop service in Singapore's construction market
  2. Acquired OX, Inc.,, engaged in AI image recognition, AI system planning, design and development. (January 2023) [Reasons / Objectives] Strengthening the group's competitive advantage through AI development and the utilization of AI technology

The merging of Group companies

  1. Merged OYO Geotechnical Services Co., Ltd. engaged in geotechnical investigation, seismic surveys, simulated seismic wave generation, and similar activities, into OYO Geo-monitoring Service Co., Ltd. involved in the renting of equipment for surveys and surveying services (planned to take place April 2023) [Reasons / Objectives] Strengthening the business foundation through better streamlined use of management resources for increased efficiency