Guiding Principles for Corporate Social Responsibility

We, as a specialized geoscience corporate group, shall act to resolve our customers' challenges, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of our society, following the above Management Philosophy and OYO Corporation's Code of Conduct.

We shall comply with the laws of the States and the Regions, respect history, customs, and culture, and operate with due consideration to the environment, thereby remaining a beneficial member of the society.

We shall conduct transparent and fair communication, both in and out of the Group, so as to be held accountable to our stakeholders.

1. Provision of safe and secure products and services

We shall constantly provide safe and secure products and services to resolve customers' challenges.

2. Fair competition and proper contracting

We shall engage ourselves in fair and free competition, providing appropriate information to customers before making contracts.

3. Appropriate management of customers' information

We shall appropriately manage our customers' information, whether it is business-related or otherwise.

1. Employment without discrimination

We shall preclude any discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, religion, political view, nationality, geographical and social origin, and provide equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment.

2. Respect fundamental human rights and assist employees' growth

We shall respect the fundamental human rights of all our employees. We shall also assist our employees' effort to improve their technical know-how and abilities, which are necessary for our corporate growth.

3. Create a comfortable working environment

We shall exert ourselves to create a comfortable working environment in which employees are fairly evaluated and their health and safety are secured, and to create a workplace where each employee can enrich his / her ideas and demonstrate his / her creativity and challenges.

4. Building and sharing the values of mutual trust and responsibility

We shall sincerely and actively communicate with our employees and build and share the values of mutual trust and responsibilities.

5. Through implementation of ethical actions

Based on the leadership of management, we shall thoroughly implement ethical conduct through in-house training, and establish an effective in-house system necessary for this purpose.

1. Build mutual confidence

We shall respect our business partners, endeavor to realize mutual prosperity based on mutual trust, and work to promote social responsibility with our business partners.

2. Maintain fair trade

We shall make comprehensive and fair decision on choosing our business partners, and maintain fair and free competitive transactions.

1. Enhance corporatevalue

We shall aim for steady growth by contributing to the building of a sustainable society. We shall also aim to raise our corporate value and return profits to our shareholders.

2. Appropriate information disclosure

We shall disclose our fiscal and other business information in a timely and appropriate manner to our shareholders and other investors.

1. Contribute to the conservation of the global environment

We shall contribute to the conservation of the global environment by reducing the environmental burden caused by our business activities, and by providing products and services of unique and superior value to customers.

2. Contribute to the prevention and mitigation of natural disaster damages

We shall contribute to the prevention and mitigation of natural disaster damages by providing products and services of unique and superior value to customers.

3. Contribute to local communities

We shall build and maintain good relationships with local communities and support their efforts to achieve a safe and secure environment. We shall also promote employees' participation in social action programs.

4. Stance on Anti-Social Forces

We stand resolute against anti-social forces and other groups that threaten public order and safety, and refrain from doing business with them.

5. Conduct business activities recognizing social and cultural differences

We shall respect the history, cultures, and customs of the countries and regions in which we operate, and preclude discriminatory actions to comply with global standards, thereby sincerely contributing to the development of such countries and regions.

6. Maintain equitable relationships with government agencies and other customers (Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption)

We shall not engage in bribery and corrupt practices to government agencies and other customers in the countries and regions where we operate. We shall neither accept nor offer any bribes, whether directly or indirectly. We shall provide products and services in a fair business manner and maintain an equitable relationship with government agencies and other customers.