Environmental Policy

OYO Group Environmental Policy

The OYO Group, which operates businesses related to geoscience on a global scale, shares our Environmental Policy with all officers and employees. We contribute to the formation of a sustainable society and the preservation of the global environment through environmental preservation and environmental improvement.

Our basic policy for the environment is to work toward the realization of three goals: a decarbonized society, a resource recycling society, and a society in harmony with nature. Through the following activities, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • 1. Through our business activities*1we will use the technologies of the OYO Group and actively make proposals for decarbonization, resource recycling, and harmony of nature and society, etc.
  • 2.We will strive to reduce environmental impact and environmental risks in our organizational activities*2

We will share our Environmental Policy with the business partners of the OYO Group as part of efforts to protect and improve the environment.

  • *1 Business activities: Activities for customers, business partners, cooperating partners, etc., outside the OYO Group
  • *2Organizational activities: Activities within the OYO Group organization

Date of Establishment: Jun 15, 2022