S&DL Water Level and pH Meter

S&DL (Sensor and Data Logger) Water Level and pH Meter measures water level, pH and water temperature at a same time. These sensor and data logger is combined into one (1) probe, then stable data can be recorded easily.

Retrieving data and monitoring setting are easily carried out using a laptop computer with S&DL Assist (software) at the site.

User can expand this stand-alone monitoring system to remote monitoring system using GSM i-SENSOR data transfer unit smoothly/reasonably.

On the investigation of aqueous environment, pH is one of the important indicators to evaluate the conditions. For instance of a groundwater contamination study, continuous monitoring of pH shows chronological changes of the water quality and contributes to judgment of its contamination degree.



  • pH, water level and water temperature are measured by a setting time interval.
  • KCI non-refill type pH glass electrode is applied. It is not necessary to refill an inner solution and a little maintenance is required.
  • A special construction work and/or equipment are not needed, and user just set the battery case at the top of a monitoring well/hole.
  • It makes possible to have superior stability by putting data logger in the water where temperature rarely change. Because of applying the unified probe consisted by the sensor and data logger, it is not affected by exogenous noise.


Measurement range Water level : 5, 10, 35 m
pH : 2 to 12 pH
Measurement accuracy Water level : ±0.1 % FS
pH : ±0.02
Memory capacity 512 KB (38,000 data)
Interface RS-232C
Communication speed 9,600 bps
Measurement rates 1 minute to 10 days
Power source 6 V dedicated lithium battery
Operation temperature range Probe : 0 to +50˚C
Buttery : -30 to +60˚C (without freeze)
Material Pressure sensor : Titanium
Probe : Vinyl chloride
Size φ34 × L532 mm