McSEIS-PS & Borehole Pick

The McSEIS-PS is designed mainly for the measurement of downhole PS well logging in combination with a Borehole Pick (Model-3315). When used with our special programs, it is possible to carry out its data analysis easily on a commercial laptop PC.

The Borehole Pick is used to measure the P wave and S wave velocities of the ground. It contains a 3-component geophone in which one component is for vertical and two components are for horizontal direction, and can be used even in a relatively small borehole (e.g. φ 56 mm) because of its compact design.



  • Compact, lightweight and low-power consumption design
  • Splash-proof case
  • McSEIS-PS can be used as an 8ch seismograph as well
  • Its control software can be used on a commercial laptop computer (Windows : Ethernet is required)
  • Special program, SeisImager/DH, is available for the analysis of data



Number of channels 8 ch
Number of input 3 ch input (Hx, Hy, Vz) by OYO Borehole Pick or max. 8ch input by standard seismic take-out cable
Input Impedance 20 kΩ,0.02 μF
Preamp Gain 24 dB or 36 dB
Bandwidth 1.75 Hz - 20 KHz
A/D Resolution 24 bits
Sampling Interval 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 msec
Data Format SEG2
Power Requirement 12 VDC (external battery)
Operating Temperature -30 to +70˚C
Dimensions 254 (W) x 305 (D) x 177 (H) mm
Weight 3.6 kg

Borehole Pick

Vertical & Horizontal geophone Natural frequency 28 Hz
Sensivity 104 mV/cm/s
Impedance 215 Ω
Operating temperature 0 - 40˚C
Material (Mainflame & Weight) SUS 304
Dimentions Length(Total length) 303 mm
Outer dia. 43 mm
Weight (Total) 14 kg (100 m Cable 12 kg + Mainframe 2 kg)