The LLT-M is a borehole lateral load tester that functions to determine the deformation characteristics of the ground from the relation between pressure inside its sonde and the inflated amount of its rubber tube.

The instrumentation on the surface consists of a tank for producing pressurized water, pressure gauges, valves, etc. It is mainly featured by the applicability of different sizes of sonde, which makes it possible to choose a sonde suitable for borehole diameter.



  • Three sizes of sonde (φ 60 mm, φ 70 mm and φ 80 mm) are available in accordance with borehole diameter
  • Maximum load capacity is 2.5 MPa
  • It is equipped with four (4) tanks so as to adjust the amount of water supply to suit situation including a sonde in use, ground hardness and so on


Tank φ 60.9 (I.D.) x φ 65.5 (O.D.) x 880 mm (Total length) x 4 pcs
Capacity Approx. 1.7 liter / piece Total capacity 6.8 liter
Pressure gauge 1.0 MPa φ 100 mm  Grade 1.5 PF 3 / 8
3.0 MPa φ 100 mm  Grade 1.5 PF 3 / 8
Standpipe φ 12 mm (O.D.) x φ 6 mm (I.D.) x 600 mm (Scale length)
Maximum load capacity 2.5 MPa
Dimensions 995 (L) x 530 (W) x 200 (H) mm
Weight 40 kg (including case)