Auto LLT2

The AUTO LLT 2 is a borehole lateral load tester that functions to determine the deformation characteristics of the ground from the relation between pressure inside its sonde and the inflated amount of its rubber tube.

A conventional LLT requires gas pressure injection into its tank and the tank makes it difficult to carry the system because the weight of the tank is about 40 kg, while the tank of the AUTO LLT 2 weighs just about 10 kg. In the case of the AUTO LLT 2, the amount of water absorption from its tank and the amount of water supply to its sonde are always the same because of its double acting pump, contributing to its stable and accurate measurements.

NOTE : This product is manufactured in one of OYO Group companies, OYO Geo-monitoring Service Corporation, in Japan.


  • Full automatic borehole lateral load tester
  • Pressure control and data storage at each step are automatically conducted from start to finish
  • No high-pressure gas is required
  • Lightweight because of its water tank system


Tank part

Tank φ113mm (I.D.) x 1100 mm
Weight 8 kg

φ80 sonde

Diameter φ 86 mm
Dimension Outer diameter; 80 mm, Length; 900 mm
Dimension (loading part) Outer diameter; 80 mm, Length; 600 mm
Weight 12kg

Pressure unit

Maximum load capacity 2.5 MPa
Power AC 100 V
Weight 31 kg

Control unit

Pressure gauge Pump; 10 MPa, Sonde; 2.5 MPa
Water level sensor 0 - 650 mm
Power DC 12 V
Operation method Touch panel
Storage SD card (CSV file format)
Weight 7 kg