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Personal Information Protection

Privacy policy

We would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage. We OYO corporation, strives to ensure appropriate treatment of you personal information. Now we have settled “Privacy policy”, to ensure our purpose of gathering your personal information, and we make more appropriate treatment of it. Our purpose of gathering your personal information is below. If you have any questions or would like to delete your information, please contact our privacy policy service officer.

Privacy policy

As we have the personal information, we take personal information protection as one of the management priorities, we set the compliance program. By observing the following contents, we aim to protect personal information.

  1. We disclose the purpose of gathering the personal information when we do.
  2. We use your personal identifiable information within the limitations of your agreed purpose. We will not provide or disclose your personal information to third parties.
  3. We will measure to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, missing, damage, defacing and divulgation from both of technical side and organization side.
  4. If the person may disclose, correct and delete the personally identifiable information, we will act appropriately following socially-accepted idea and custom in certain period.
  5. We will make all of our employees to understand the importance of privacy policy and responsibility.
  6. We will observe the related regulation and other guidelines.
  7. We will make continuous improvement s for personal information protection.

The utilization purpose of your personal information

1. Utilization purpose
  • We will use your personal information for below purposes.
    (1) Business contact, contract fulfillment (delivery of service and products)
    (2) Announcement of OYO and group companies’ service and products
    (3)Announcement of OYO and group companies’ exhibitions and seminars
    (4) Carry out customer satisfaction survey
    (5) Respond your questions and requests
    (6) Others that we informed beforehand and agreed purpose
  • OYO will provide third parties with your personal information for business reason. In this case, the third parties should be certified, and we contract and oversee appropriately regarding the personal information handling.
2. Other than those above
  • Other than above, if we need to use your personal information, we will ask your agreement except ordered by decree.
Disclosure to a third party
  • OYO will not provide third parties with your personal information other than above 1 and below.
    (1) beforehand your agreement
    (2) disclose with unidentified personal format such as statistic data
    (3) request by law
    (4) it involves human lives, body or protect the wealth, and hard to receive your agreement
    (5) need cooperation for government or local public authorities official activity, and it may cause discouragement by having your agreement

Privacy policy service officer

Please contact below for your privacy policy questions, disclosure, amendment, unsuspended, elimination.

【Privacy policy service officer】

Official work department general affairs division:+8148-652-0651

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