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Management Philosophy and Management Vision

Code of Conduct

OYO Group shall engineer a harmony between human society and natural environment, sustain safety and security of the society from engineering approach, and achieve social contributions through development of the company’s business. Based on the 10 codes of conduct below, we shall perform goods with ethics and good sense in order to broadly benefit societies regardless of nationalities.

  1. Fundamental Mission

    We shall act for trust from and satisfaction of clients by providing superior engineering services.

  2. Compliance to Social Norms

    We shall comply with laws, regulations and unwritten norms and advance whole some corporate activities.

  3. Disclosure of Information

    We shall adequately disclose information and actively communicate with societies.

  4. Preservation of Natural Environment

    We shall exert ourselves to reduce environmental burden of our business operation and contribute to preservation of natural environment using our technologies in environmental science.

  5. Contribution to Society

    We shall improve life environment of local societies through cooperation and communication with local people.

  6. Construction of Superior Work Environment

    We shall exert ourselves to construct safer and more pleasant work environment that allows each employee to demonstrate and challenge his/her creativity.

  7. Relation with Anti-Social Forces

    We shall maintain resolute attitude against anti-social forces that thread social orders and safeties.

  8. International Contribution

    From international perspectives, we shall comply with global rules and contribute to development of local communities in mutual trust and good faith.

  9. Dissemination in Corporate Ethics

    Top managements shall understand that they are responsible for realizing these principles and shall example the realization by leadership to disseminate the principles. They organize effective company structures to disseminate corporate ethics.

  10. Incompliance Responses

    In incompliances with the principles, top managements shall take immediate responsesunder their own responsibilities to investigate the compliances, develop preventive measures, disclose investigated information, clarify authorities and responsibilities, and take harsh disciplinary action to related personnel including themselves.

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