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3D Ultra-High-Resolution by P-Cable

OYO is promoting subsea exploration by P-Cable.

P-Cable, a 3D subsea exploration system OYO Group provides, enables you to acquire reproducible data with ultra high resolution. This means you can grasp geological formations and faults that can never be identified. In addition, this can be applied to 4D exploration because of its reporoducibility.

3D/4D exploration should be available in the following applications:

  • Reducing subsea geohazard risks for ocean resources development
  • Understanding chronological changes in geological formations (4D exploration) during ocean resources development
  • Grasping ocean resources in a relatively shallower area
  • Reducing hazard risks by analyzing a mechanism of submarine volcanoes or submarine landslide
  • Understanding geological formations for considering possible locations of offshore wind power generation systems in a wider area
  • Subsea fault investigation
  • Monitoring for Carbon-dioxide Storage in a relatively shallower area

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