Providing a safe and comfortable traffic environment

We propose "Roads" for safety, comfort, and regional revitalization

Protanus® (PROTANAS), a probe-based traffic-information-management analysis system

PROTANAS (Probe Traffic Analysis System) is a software for quickly visualizing, processing, and analyzing traffic big data. This system analyzes traffic congestion areas, traffic accident hazard areas, and maintenance effects on roads comprehensively and visually.

“e-Geospatioal Information Award 2012” awarded by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (Japanese)

“Safety Eye,” a drive recorder application for smartphones

Safety Eye® is a drive recorder application for smartphones that records forward moving pictures of traffic accidents and/or near-miss incidents. (Japanese)

  • Use the GPS function of smartphones to periodically upload location information in normal times
  • Deliver user ID and time of occurrence to registered mail address when shock is detected
  • Real-time monitoring of driving conditions on the administrator’s PC

Examples of use

  • Training for safe driving of automobiles (sharing of near-miss incidents and understanding of the cause of accidents)
  • Reduction of automobile insurance premiums by making safe driving custom
  • Identification and management of excellent drivers and defective drivers by quantifying driving skills
  • Verification of driver safety in case of disaster (as support for BCP)

“SUBTouR Z,” a bus-location system application for smartphones

SubTour-Z is a real-time bus information-management application for smartphones that enhances the safety and security of bus users and the operating efficiency of bus operators.
Due to the increasing number of young people less interested in owning their cars and the declining birthrate and aging population, public transportation such as buses is becoming more important. While local governments and bus operators are doing their business in a difficult financial situation, there are an increasing number of cases in which they are working to reduce costs by reviewing operating routes etc., and to expand users’ opportunities for the services, as well as to improve their services form the view point of users.
SubTour-Z supports the optimization of bus businesses that support local economies and livelihoods by enhancing the convenience of both bus users and operators.

  • Bus users and their families obtain bus operation status and delay information via smartphones/ mobile phones
  • Inform bus route and current location
  • Inform things to see on the bus routes (for sightseeing bus users)
  • Inform time to destination and place to rest (for sightseeing bus users)
  • Support for reviewing schedule based on actual operation data (for bus operator)

We have introduced this system to bus operators and local governments, and examples of the system in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture have been introduced in newspapers and televisions.

“Bus Location System Introduced” on September 12, 2018 (Wednesday) (Japanese)

Bus Location System SUBTOUR Z (Japanese)

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