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Transportation Consulting

Offering the “Road” to security, comfort, and regional revitalization.

OYO Group is providing consulting services regarding roads and transportation.

“Big Data”, including moving/traveling history of cars and people, are utilized in various scenes, for instance identifying traffic jam spots, analyzing dangerous site on traffic accidents, and evaluating effects on developing roads.
OYO Group has developed a software named “PROTANASⓇ”(*), which can analyze those big data comprehensively and visually, and has offered relating technical services to a large number of customers.
(*) PROTANASⓇ won the “Electric Country Award” of Geospatial Information Authority of Japan in 2012.
You can find the details of “PROTANASⓇ” at→

Traffic accidents occur approximately 670,000 cases a year in 2012. This means a car out of 14 should be involved in a traffic accident. For a company, reducing traffic accidents on its business means decreasing management risks, and contributing to improve regional security in its business areas.
OYO Group is providing “Safety EyeⓇ”, the smartphone application for companies which aims to decrease the traffic accidents to zero. Just with installing “Safety Eye”, it works as a drive recorder. Also, it helps to share information by utilizing a cloud service in real time when a driver makes an accident or slams on the brakes. We had feedbacks from clients which already installed it that the anumber of accidents decreased dramaticallly.
You can find the details of “Safety EyeⓇ” at→

The populariation of motorization and population reduction are leading the decrease of public transport users (ex. buses, trains, etc.) particularly in rural areas. Public transports are basic social infrastructure for residents, especially for children and old people, and keeping those operations are major issues for local government.

OYO Group is making efforts to discuss the way to reduce the costs by reviewing operating lines and operation pattern with local government and bus comapnies which are struggling with the serious financial situation, and to conduct social tests involving residents to consider how to revitalize public transports from a user point of view.

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