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3D Subsurface Information Service

Showing subsurface information simply.

OYO has researched and developed the tecnology named “3D Subsurface Information Analysis” since 15 years ago, and applied it to various projects. This technology is used as the models for liquefaction, groundwater current, analysis and simulation of soil contamination, as well as utilized for BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CIM (Construction Information Modeling).

The strengths of OYO’s 3D Subsurface Information Service are the following:
1. Visualization of subsurface issues 2. Project experiences on various business domains 3.Utilizing 3D CAD

This 3D model has 2 advantages. First is that information can be extracted in a flexible way once completing a model. For instance, a customer can extract a precise subsurface CAD cross section anywhere for design.

Second is easiness to understand. In case of building a consensus, it will be important to share images. Visualization of subsurface information will help them to understand risks.

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