Green Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance System

Reduce the fallen trees accidents to 0!

Visualize inside of trees with the latest ICT to prevent fallen trees accidents

Due to the climate changes, gust disasters caused by typhoons and strong cyclones have increased in recent years. People and vehicles on roads may be hit by the fallen trees whose trunks have decayed due to aging.

There are four major damages to street trees caused by strong winds.
(1) Fallen trees, (2) leaned trees, (3) trunk breaks, (4) branch breaks.

These are due to: (1) unexpected strong wind; (2) mismatched tree species to the location conditions; (3) poor maintenance of the planting grounds; (4) poor planting; and (5) poor maintenance of tress.

Our group has developed a special radar device that enables to investigate the inside of the trunks and the rhizomes without damaging the trees. The survey takes only a few minutes. The tree location information and diagnostic results are stored in a dedicated database system and provided to the street administrator. This enables appropriate tree management with minimal budget when necessary and prevents fallen trees accidents.

Rotten wood
Results of a precise diagnosis
Superimposition of reflection image and root image.

This technology is also introduced as the “tree diagnostic equipment useable in precise diagnosis of street tress in Tokyo” in the “Street Tree Diagnosis Manual” published by Park Division, Bureau of Construction of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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