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Risk Report on Subsurface & Natural Disaster

Grasping various risks by a simple report.

There is a close relationship between subsurface and natural disasters. When a huge earthquake occurs, softer ground shakes harder than adjacent ground. And this causes damages on buildings. Also, building heavy structures on softer ground increases settlement risks. OYO provides various natural hazard risks, which are publicly disclosed or analyzed based on OYO’s abundant knowledge about subsurface information, by a report format that enables customers to easily undestand.

This report includes the following items:

  • An extent of ground shakes
  • A location and a distance of active faults
  • A possibility of liquefaction
  • A possibility of sediment disasters
  • A possibility of floods
  • A land-use history

(The above are just samples. OYO can provide a customized report according to the customer’s requests.)

Customers can choose the providing methods, such as providing reports seperately for each order, or printing out reports on cloud services by customers. Please contact us for the details.

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