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Application for Evacuation Support “Knavi Bosai”

Don’t panic. This should come in useful.

In Japan, to be called “Disaster Island”, where has been suffered from various natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, intensive rainfall, floods, and volcanic eruption, we have to continuously improve preparetions.
In case a huge disaster like Great East Japan Earthquake occurs in your region, do you believe you can evacuate safely?

It is presumed that not only regional residents but also office workes, visitors coming from outside on business, tourist both domestic and international should be suffered from such disasters. National/local government, companies, regioanl entities have to cooperate each other, and cope with various issues.

OYO Group is providing a smartphone application for evacuation support, named “Knavi Bosai” (Bosai: Disaster mitigation), which can help drawing up evacuation plans for residents, employees, and tourists, and prop up individuals evacuating activities.
The features of “Kanvi Bosai” are as follows:

  1.  Receiving disaster information from Japan Meteorological Agency, and trigger off starting application
    (*) Receiving evacuation instruction emails from local government is also available.
  2. Displaying shelter information nationwide
  3. Identifying the present location from GPS, and displaying the nearest shelter
  4. Behavior analysis using evacuation tracks of users is also available.
  5. In a normal period, you can use it as a tourist guide application.
    You can find the details of “Knavi Bosai” at →

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