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Services on River Management

Providing various support for keeping rivers safe.

Short localized downpours known as “Guerilla Rainstorm” are becoming increasing concerns of river management in Japan. The Rainstorms are exceeding capacities of rivers and dykes designed on a return period of 50 years. OYO supports your advanced preparation for the abnormal weather by improving dykes, drawing hazard maps, monitoring river conditions, etc.

OYO has own instruments division, which enables us to make quick responses to urgent demand from customers to configure monitoring and alarming systems. We can simulate floods and inundation and draw hazard maps. If you use OYO’s original GIS system named MAGIS, you can simplify complicated labor of information management for various river structures including dykes, sluice gates, sluice pipes, and fishways.

Moreover, we support your urban planning in which improvement of disaster resilience coexists with preservation of natural environment. OYO shall integrate perspectives of transportation and community vitalization into river planning and push forward the project in cooperation with local people.

Please refer to “For Management of Existing Infrastructure” for our capabilities in maintenance od dykes and bridges.

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