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Methane Hydrate Project

We are under study on methane hydrate development.

In order to realize “Methan Hydrate Development Plan in Japan”, which was released in July, 2001, the Consortium between public and private sectors for reserch and development of Methan Hydrate, “MH21” in short, was organized.

In phase 1 of this project, OYO conducted study of (1) environmental impact assessment, and (2) development of production method. Currntly in phase 2, it is proceeding (1) Develpment of deformation monitoring system for subsea bedrocks during methan hydrate production, and (2) research and development of monitoring methods for methane hydrate decompose front.

The “deformation monitoring system” means a technology that can monitor deformation that causes submarine landslide when collecting subsea methane hydrate. In phase 1, OYO acquired a patent as a “Deformation monitoring method using acceleration sensors” (No. 4721324).
The “monitoring methods for methane hydrate decompose front” means a technology that monitors translocation process of decompose front when producing methane hydrate distributed among subsea layer.

(*) This website acquired an approval from the “Consortium for Research and Development of Methane Hydrate Resources“.

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