Countermeasures against landslide and slope collapse

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience of geology and ground, we propose investigation/design of restoration works and preventive measures.

Support sediment disaster prevention, countermeasures, and recovery

Japan’s land is extremely fragile because of repeated crustal movements, as well as many earthquakes and active volcanic activities. Sediment disasters occur frequently due to the weather conditions such as warm temperate and heavy rain. There are many seep slope areas in danger of collapse and hazard areas of landslide and debris flow throughout Japan.

The collapse of slopes is caused by many factors, such as groundwater rises due to rainfall, earthquakes, topography, geology, and vegetation. Therefore, in order to prevent disasters due to slope collapse, it is important to identify the mechanism leading to the collapse, to implement disaster prevention measures, and to grasp the various risk of the region in advance.

Our slope disaster prevention services

1. Design of geological survey and countermeasures for dangerous slopes

Collapsed slope due to the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018
Three-dimensional model of dam reservoir landslide
Three-dimensional model of landslide countermeasure works

2. Development of sediment disaster monitoring sensors

i-SENSOR inclinometer
i-SENSOR extensometer

3. Design, inspection, and soundness survey of Sabo facilities

4. Development of sediment disaster evacuation support system

Sediment disaster timeline system
Evacuation drills based on the timeline system

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