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Geothermal Power Generation

“Geothermal energy” – It’s stable and renewable.

Geothermal power generation becomes more and more remarkable in these years because it can be a stable baseload electricity source. Also, after Great East Japan Earthquake, medium/small scale geothermal generation, hot spring power generation, and heat utilization other than power generation are becoming important year by year, as regional distributed energy, or self-sufficient energy.  On the other hand, it is still important for utilizing geothermal resources and hot spring resources to understand subsurface conditions and reserve situation of resources, and to estimate available amounts and temperature, with considering impact on surrounding environment, and preventing extra load on the environment.

OYO is conducting investigations and consulting services regarding developing and utilizing geothermal energy and hot springs, with combined tecnologies on geophisics, geological analysis, and environmental analysis. OYO’s strength is to provide appropriate analysis and assessment associated with the results of various explorations and investigations based on abundant knowledge on geology.  OYO also monitors subsurface situation and environment around developed geothermal sites and hot springs. In addition, OYO supports operating councils of related people including local government and residents for reporting and checking progress of geothermal development.

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