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Geothermal Utilization

The earth keeps us warm & cool.

The geothermal heat pump system enables us to save energy by expelling indoor heat into underground in summer, and bringing underground heat into rooms in winter, based on that the underground temperature is almost stable. Prticularly in urban areas, this helps to reduce the “heat island effect” because this system has no heat emission into the air.

The “Tokyo Sky Tree”, which opened in May, 2012, adopted the geothermal utilization sytem, and could reduce annual energy consumption by 44% compared with other conventional methods.

Though the geothermal utilization is less affected by climate and a location, its operation ability depends on th conditions of geology and underground water. OYO can provide investigation and consulting services to calculate how large effect to be expected by this system. OYO’s strength is to decide an appropriate location for the geothermal utilization based on its own geological information. In addition, OYO can monitor changes in underground temperature and environment of underground water, then assess the effect of saving energy and its environment impacts. OYO installed the geothermal heat pump system to Tohoku Regional Office as a R&D project, and conducting a feasibility stusy.

If you are considering the geothermal utilization, please contactus. OYO can offer the appropariate system with taking geological information into account.

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