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“Geoorm” – Cloud Service for Subsurface Information

Connecting investigation, analysis, and design.

OYO’s cloud system has a strength to analyze subsurface data. And aboundant experiences to build up cloud systems for MLIT (*) and local govenment can achieve higher ability for security and operating firm server systems, and bring us higher reliance.

(*)MLIT: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

The ground investigation reporting tool, named “ReportSS.NET”, which uses this system, can compile analysis results and generate reports automatically once sending investigation results from the site to the server computer. This tool generates 320,000 reports a year nationwide in Japan. OYO’s “Geoorm”, the cloud service for subsurface information, can contribute to build up such a tool.

A certain housemaker company could dramatically improve effectiveness of its operation after installing “Geoorm” and adjusting its operation to this system.

<Workflow example>
Purchase order → Investigation → Data input → Selecting a construction method → Generating a report by PDF → Generating a presentation material

A customer does not need to manage a server computer, nor need to update an application, because the cloud system can manage everything. OYO Group can provide overall support from accommodating a tablet PC to installing LAN.

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