Biodiversity conservation services

OYO Group solutions to reduce the impact of economic activities and development activities on the eco-environment and to restore the natural environment. Support for corporate environmental management.

Solutions for the conservation, restoration and utilization of ecosystems

We provide consulting services of biodiversity measures in corporate activities. We also investigate, predict, and evaluate changes in the natural environment and ecosystems caused by civil engineering projects, and conserve them.

We have specialists in groundwater and soil pollution. Our strength is to capture phenomena from a broad perspective. As we are developing monitoring equipment, we will be able to make the most appropriate proposals for solving these problems.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s “Survey report of living creatures”

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation regards the conservation of biodiversity as an important environmental issue. In fiscal 2015, OYO conducted a survey of living features. The results of the survey are published on their website “Improvement of Green Quality – considerations starting with surveys of living features” (Japanese). We provide consulting services on biodiversity measures as part of corporate environmental management.

Find and solve problems

OYO provides integrated consulting services from surveys to problem solving.

For example, we have developed a fishway environment in which pink salmons and salmons go back and forth. We changed from concrete floor to wooden fishway using local thinned wood. We also solved the problem of sediment discharge and keeping the flow rate in the salmon run season by developing the structure of the fishway. This is an example of success both in maintaining fishery resources and revitalizing of forestry. This also helps to ensure the food of bears and raptors, which are important species in the ecosystem, and to maintain the organic continuity of living features from the ocean to headwaters.

In addition, we provided the following solutions.

  • Investigation, prediction, and countermeasures of the impact of alien species on ecosystems
  • Investigation and countermeasures for wildlife descending to human habitant areas due to increase of numbers.
  • Monitoring and environmental conservation of animals and plants on the verge of extinction due to the decrease of numbers.

OYO Bionomical Engineering Institute protecting the environment around dams

OYO has expertise in environmental surveys and conservation measures in rivers, dams, forests, and sediment control. We solve environmental problems around the dam reservoir as well as the dam reservoir itself.

We established the OYO Bionomical Engineering Institute near the Miharu Dam in Fukushima Prefecture in 1998. The Institute continues to investigate changes in weather, eco-environment, and water quality before and after dam construction.

Eco-environment surveys and countermeasures improve corporate value. Please feel free to contact us.

Movie: Appropriate management system for alien features that protect water areas and fisheries (Japanese language only)

If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact our Global Environment Business Division.