Preparedness for large earthquakes: Service for calculation of seismic motion and damage prediction

By using supercomputers, predict the scale of seismic motion and the damage caused by large earthquakes. It is used in important national and regional disaster prevention and mitigation measures.

Disaster prevention and mitigation solutions which supports disaster prevention policy of Japan

Our earthquake disaster prevention services are closely related to the disaster prevention administration in Japan and have various type of services. Japan’s disaster prevention measures are basically planned and implemented in accordance with the law within the framework shown in the figure below. In other words, in accordance with the Basic Act on Disaster Control Measures, various disaster prevention plans are formulated for each level of government, prefectures, municipalities, etc., and specific disaster prevention measures are implemented in the region based on the formulated plans.

Systems of Japan’s disaster prevention plan (we made based on Cabinet Office materials)

Many of our earthquake disaster prevention services provide technical analysis and information that are essential for disaster prevention plans and local disaster prevention projects at each level.

In order to formulate disaster prevention plans, it is necessary for the national government and local governments to set up a disaster, such as large-scale earthquake, which has a high probability of occurring and causes severe damage. Specific evacuation methods and countermeasures can be planned by identifying the scale of the damage caused by the earthquake or the areas where damage is expected.

Distribution of surface seismic intensity of the Large Nankai Trough Earthquake

Our earthquake disaster prevention services

We provide support services to set seismic centers for large-scale earthquakes, analyze earthquake motions and tsunami heights, anticipate human and economic damage caused by them, establish hazardous areas, and support local governments for formulating disaster prevention plans. Especially in the setting of seismic centers for large-scale earthquakes and the analyzing of earthquake motions and tsunami heights, very sophisticated calculations and simulations using supercomputers are often handled, and a variety of expertise, such as science (seismology), engineering (earthquake engineering, civil engineering and architecture) and information engineering, is required. We have many track records relating large-scale earthquakes over a wide area, such as Tonankai and Nankai Earthquake, the Japan Trench and the Chishima Trench earthquake and Tokyo Metropolitan Area Earthquake. That is our distinguished expertise.

Our track records in earthquake motion calculation and damage forecasting services

Wide-area earthquake motion prediction, disaster scenario, etc.

Regional disaster prevention plan, Earthquake disaster prevention strategy, Disaster preventive city development plan, Earthquake resistance reform promotion plan, Tsunami evacuation plan, etc.

In recent years, we have also applied accumulated hazard information and know-how to create business solutions in new areas, such as business continuity solutions for private companies, logistics-related services, and tourism disaster prevention manuals for tourist spots.

Disaster response manual for tourism business operators in Yufu City (2017)

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