Disaster prevention solutions for tourism

Support the creation of safe sightseeing areas for foreign tourists

We will also support foreign tourists in the creation of safe sightseeing areas.

Movie: Our disaster prevention solutions for tourism (Japanese only)

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan increased year by year and reached more than 31 million in 2018. This is about 2.3 times of five years ago and about 10 times of ten years ago. Today, the inbound market is an important field of economic growth in Japan, and it is also a valuable resource for regional revitalization.

On the other hand, Japan, which is covered by fragile land, is known worldwide for its frequent occurrence of earthquakes and sediment disasters. In order for tourists to enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind, both soft and hard measures against disasters in sightseeing areas are required.

OYO provides a variety of disaster prevention solutions for tourism, including assessing disaster risks in sightseeing areas, ensuring the safety of tourists, guiding them to evacuate, and creating the tourist evacuation manuals. In 2017, we supported Yufu City, which had experienced the disaster caused by the Kumamoto Earthquake, to make the disaster response manual for tourism businesses.

Disaster Response Manual for Tourism Businesses in Yufu City (2017)

When the Kumamoto Earthquake occurred in 2016, the city suffered the suspension of public transportation, the language barriers and the difficulties in helping travelers return home countries. It was made for tourism operators in preparation for future disasters.

If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact our Earthquake Risk Management Division.

From tourism town development to disaster prevention measures, we support totally for promotion of tourism business

KCS Co. Ltd., which has expertise in traffic planning and regional planning, provides a variety of services specializing in tourism business. OYO Group supports total regional tourism promotion, from tourism town development to disaster prevention measures.

Support services for the tourism business of KCS Co. Ltd.

  • Support for improvement of the environment for foreign visitors
  • Support for making multilingual pamphlets
  • Support for making the promotion plan of tourism
  • Support for tourism town development
  • Operation of tourist support system
  • Support for tourism business operations
  • Support for management of revitalization of local public transportation

If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact KCS Co.,LTD.