Exploration of Deep Subsurface Ground Structure

Tracking changes from the land, sea, and air.

Great East Japan Earthquake brought huge impact not only in Japan but also all over the world. People got to know seriously that Japan is an earthquake country, and its land and social system are vulnerable.

It is no doubt that progress in IT & industrial technologies brought us big advantages. However, from the geological point of view, deep subsurface ground structure is not yet clear. In addition, it will be a huge issue that energy resources in Japan will run out in the near future.

OYO is spreading out its business into providing the information regarding deep subsurface ground structure in the main by utilizing overall investigation methods (mainly in geophysical exploration) from the land, sea and air.

For instance, OYO is involving the business on (1) structure investigation for clarifying deep subsurface structure (ex. fault investigation), (2) CCS technologies for resolving energy & environmental issues (CCS: Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage). Although the main theme of the investigation above is to clarify the structural issues (2D or 3D), we can obtain more detailed information in these years by observing changes with repeating measurements (4D exploration).

OYO will consentrate on improving these technologies, and keep on contributing our society.