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Carbon-dioxide Capture & Storage (CCS)

Find reservoir for CO2 storage.

CCS is an acronym of “Carbon-dioxide Capture & Storage”, a technology to capture carbon-dioxide emitted from large sources (ex. power stations, factories), and take it to a deep underground storage. It is expected as a final resort for global warming.

There are some CCS projects outside Japan, and some candidate sites to store CO2 into underground in Japan. We can regard a site as a candidate storage if it has a reservoir (deep salt water layer) in more than 800m depth, and a cap rock structure just upon it which act as a “lid”.  If a candidate storage site can be found near an emission resource, transportation costs can be reduced.

OYO provides following services as a geological consultant. That is, OYO can evaluate a possibility regarding (1) selection of a site, (2) storage amount, and (3) its long-term safety for CCS, using the technologies of geophysical exploration, laboratory tests, numerical simulation from a geological point of view.

OYO conducted CO2 monitoring to be stored underground for the first feasibility study in Nagaoka in 2003, and made a successful results.

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