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Business Support System

Make your operations more effective.

OYO has following experiences regarading building up business support systems:

(1) Subsurface information management
(2) Business support on afforestation management
(3) Business support on river management
(4) Business support on road operation & management
(5) Business support on data management for archaeological prospection
(6) Business support on disaster management for landslide & slope failure

The System based on MAGIS that OYO has developed OYO has important features of “easy”, “convenient”, and “swift”.

These features come from requirements to display and calculate huge amount of data swiftly on a prefecture basis, to register and share data and files with using an internal network, or to automate a process for adding up which is done manually.
This system is based on a concept that “staffs can use it appropriately”, and “Necessary supportive features can be easily developed and reasonably provided

For instant, this system has a customised menu suitable for scenes to be used for improving visibility, and displays limited icons to be clicked. In addition, it can not only register polygon data on a map, but also compile, analyze, add up various geographical data automatically, and evaluate risks according to designated rules.

This is the system to process huge tasks so simply.

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